Jones Kirkpatrick’s Re-Branding & Website

January 20, 2017By FrancisBranding, BUSINESS, Communications, THE AGENCY, Uncategorized, Work

You might think there’s no room for originality in branding an accounting firm. In most instances (with all due respect to my good friends in that honorable profession), you’d be right. Jones Kirkpatrick is one of the exceptions. The very short description I’d offer for Jones Kirkpatrick would be: A high-touch, proactive-minded firm whose practice … Read More

A Nice Little Project We Like A Lot.

July 14, 2016By FrancisTHE AGENCY, Uncategorized, Work

Bradford Price at AllSouth (a roofing contractor) hired us to develop a small Black & White ad to place in a program produced by the Big Oak Ranch, “a Christian home for children needing a chance” (just in case you didn’t already know). They were pretty pleased with the results. We were too! Incidentally, if you … Read More

The Walker County Branding Campaign

June 13, 2016By FrancisBranding, BUSINESS, Communications, Content Marketing, Social Media, THE AGENCY, Uncategorized, Work

This campaign, and its public launch, was a huge undertaking for our little shop. It was a genuine honor and pleasure working with so many good people in Walker County. Particularly Cristy Moody and her partners in service at The Waker Area Community Foundation — Paul Kennedy and Mimi Hudson. Special thanks to art director … Read More

Owner’s Association Rebranding Continued.

May 15, 2012By FrancisBUSINESS, Communications, THE AGENCY, Uncategorized, Work

In October, we published This Post about the work we did in supporting The Owner’s Association‘s 2011 rebranding initiative. Not long ago we completed their first post-rebranding collateral piece—and it might just be my personal favorite of the entire campaign to date. It’s a brochure targeting  potential Allied Members (typically vendors serving the hospitality industry). Click … Read More

What Would Nick Do?

February 8, 2012By FrancisUncategorized

Several years ago, during his press conference after a resounding victory (marred only by a couple of minor mistakes), Nick Saban described the outing as “a perfect game. We won, and I still had something to be mad about.” So it’s in honor of our beloved coach that I thought I’d celebrate Alabama’s latest championship … Read More