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We premiered the new Birmingham Venture Club logo at the March meeting today—and Michael Tomberlin posted a nice little note about it on, along with a link to our website. You can see the note, and the vertical version of the logo, at this address:

The Messiah Complex

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(ANOTHER FABULOUS DAVID BROOKS EDITORIAL) Every age produces its own sort of fables, and our age seems to have produced The White Messiah fable.This is the oft-repeated story about a manly young adventurer who goes into the wilderness in search of thrills and profit. But, once there, he meets the native people and finds that … Read More


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“An idealogical system in conflict with the facts generally finds it prudent to defer to itself.”—David Berlinski “I’ve gone into hundreds of fortune-teller’s parlors, and I’ve been told thousands of things. But nobody ever told me I was a policewoman getting ready to arrest them.” —New York City Detective “Write a wise saying and your … Read More

Darwin Was Right!

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Flipping through channels the other day, I stopped briefly at PBS’s latest ode to Darwin. After a couple minutes, it hit me: That whole hypothesis about adaptive behavior and natural selection is so true! Witness, for example, how adeptly a biologist camouflages his conclusions against that vast body of fact which utterly undermines the theory … Read More