Baggett: Facebook Rock Star.

December 9, 2011By FrancisUncategorized

We’re particularly excited about the results we’ve achieved in building-up Baggett’s Facebook page following. In less than 3 months (and with a huge assist from Baggett’s Recruiting Director Daniel Buckhannan), we increased their Facebook Fan count from 36 to 3884. More importantly, Baggett (a family-owned company with less than 100 drivers) now commands a “talking … Read More

Another Reason I Don’t Keep A Gun In The House*

December 1, 2011By FrancisUncategorized

It’s 5:05 in the morning, and my next door neighbor’s retriever is barking right outside my son Fletcher’s bedroom window. Apparently, he didn’t get the memo about clocks Falling Back next week—because he and his two equally-vocal housemates normally don’t start until after 6:00. To be perfectly fair, Next Door Dogs have come a long … Read More