All The News That Fits The Premise

February 8, 2011By FrancisFUN, Rants, Uncategorized

In the intro paragraph to her January 25 article, “Daughter of Birmingham Plans Revival”, New York Times reporter Donna Paul writes, “…After a period of prosperity and growth, Birmingham was brought to its knees by the Depression and wracked by the end of segregation. Birmingham has never fully recovered its prominence. Its population today, 230,000, … Read More

Living The Dream? (Part 2 of 2)

February 2, 2011By FrancisCULTURE, Miscellaneous, Uncategorized

(Special Thanks To Sarah Best) I don’t know about you, but it seems to me like this country has been stuck in a serious mood-funk over the economy for close to three years. Now, a lot of experts are predicting 2011 won’t be any better than 2010. Probably the same experts who told us the … Read More