Meet The Newest Harebrain

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Erin and Seth recently got a bulldog puppy. Seth brought it to the office last week. While everyone was eww-ing ahh-ing and awwwww-ing, Kathy (our brilliant art director) grabbed her camera and hit the floor. One mark of a great photographer is timing. And luck. Based on the shot below, I think you can reasonably … Read More

First, Do No Harm.

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(Theodorick Of York, Medieval Barber, bleeds a patient suffering from “an imbalance of bodily humors”.) A couple of weeks ago (after years of stubborn resistance) I replaced Outlook Express and Microsoft Schedule for Office 97 with the full version of Outlook. Much as I dreaded it, my initial reaction was unexpectedly optimistic. I was pleasantly … Read More

Fletcher Hare: YouTube Star

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(He’s in the middle, wearing the Parliament T-Shirt) Fletcher signed-up for Rock Band as his elective this Spring—and the band had its public debut in Birmingham’s world-famous Spencer Center last night. Click here for a sonic blast of primal rock at its absolute rawest. (Warning: May be disturbing to pets and small children).