April 12, 2020By francis-adminCULTURE, FUN, Music

From time to time, people still ask us why we don’t give-away CD mixes any more. Mainly because hardly anybody ever listens to CDs any more. Which is why we’re gradually converting our most popular mixes into Click-And-Play streaming files. Here’s hoping this page leads you to lots of great discoveries. If so, remember: Support the artists you like!   AMERICANA Country … Read More

Heartland 2017 – Let’s Twist Again

December 23, 1999By francis-adminCULTURE, FUN, Music

Americana Made Great. #3 in the series.   (playlist under artwork) CLICK ARTWORK TO LAUNCH PLAYER OR DOWNLOAD Playlist JD McPherson  CRYING’S JUST A THING YOU DO Phil Cook  1922 Little Feat  DOWN ON THE FARM Maria Muldaur  THE WORK SONG Phil Cook  GONE Rolling Stones  SWEET VIRGINIA John Mellencamp  SUGAR HILL MOUNTAIN John Mooney  … Read More

Vote Clifford “Big Don” Twilley Radio Spot.

June 5, 2014By FrancisFUN

Special thanks to my buddy Jim Allen for sending me the radio spot below from this year’s election. Up in Decatur, says Jim, Big Don is a legend. Based on that radio spot, I can see why! Anyhow, I saw the photo above online the other day, and for some reason it just tickled me. Seeing those … Read More

Equal Parts Elvis And Colonel Tom.

November 3, 2011By FrancisArticles, brand marketing, BUSINESS, Communications, CULTURE, FUN, Miscellaneous, Rants, Tech

REMEMBERING TECH’S COOLEST CONTROL FREAK. It’s six days after Steve Jobs’ death, and I interrupted my work flow this morning to click on a melodramatic story headline about the biological father he never knew. Needless to say, I can’t ever remember being so endlessly fascinated by a company CEO—which is why, at the 11th hour … Read More