Wilco revisited. (I owe Jeff Tweedy an apology.)

April 29, 2010By FrancisCULTURE, Music, Uncategorized

(THIS WEEK’S SOUNDLINKS COLUMN) A NOTE OF INTRODUCTION: I recently discovered, much to my surprise, that not everyone on earth has heard of Wilco, so here’s my two cents’ worth: Not since the Beatles’ mid to late period—from Rubber Soul to The White Album—has any band in pop music successfully jumped across as many genres … Read More

This screen brought to you by the makers of Windows 7!

April 19, 2010By FrancisUncategorized

I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I don’t care who shot J.R. I don’t believe Bill Clinton killed Vince Foster or Ron Brown. I do not fear fluoridation’s effects on my precious bodily fluids. All that said, it does strike me as tremendously “interesting” that my office computer AND my home computer began slowing-down and screwing … Read More

My B-Metro column on Lady Gaga.

April 16, 2010By FrancisCULTURE, Music, Uncategorized

(Ms. Gaga. With And Without Makeup.) I have adored, without shame or apology, some genuinely pathetic popular music in my day. Gilbert O’Sullivan’s “Alone Again Naturally”, for instance. Closer to this millennium, I consider Hanson’s “Mmmbop” to be a brilliant piece of pop record-making—even if they did lift the hook, note for note, from the … Read More

I Had The Most Liberating Experience Recently.

April 15, 2010By FrancisPeople, THE AGENCY, Uncategorized

I was deleting unimportant emails the other day, and clicked on my Sent Items folder—where I discovered that, somehow, Outlook Express had deleted every message I’d sent since February 16. That’s at least 2000 messages, and the vast majority of them were business related. What’s more, no message I send right now registers in the … Read More

My Music Blog For B-Metro

April 1, 2010By FrancisPeople, THE AGENCY, Uncategorized

Wherein yours truly connects new and recently released records with older, similar (and invariably superior) albums. But who cares what I think? Which is why each column comes with a Click-To-Play link—featuring the records reviewed—so you can decide for yourself. Isn’t that exciting! Charlotte Gainsbourg w/ Beck & Sam Phillips http://bit.ly/soundlinks-one Dave Matthews w/ Mofro & Donna The Buffalo http://bit.ly/soundlinks-two … Read More