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From time to time, people still ask us why we don’t give-away CD mixes any more. Mainly because hardly anybody ever listens to CDs any more. Which is why we’re gradually converting our most popular mixes into Click-And-Play streaming files. Here’s hoping this page leads you to lots of great discoveries. If so, remember: Support the artists you like!   AMERICANA Country … Read More

Heartland 2017 – Let’s Twist Again

December 23, 1999By francis-adminCULTURE, FUN, Music

Americana Made Great. #3 in the series.   (playlist under artwork) CLICK ARTWORK TO LAUNCH PLAYER OR DOWNLOAD Playlist JD McPherson  CRYING’S JUST A THING YOU DO Phil Cook  1922 Little Feat  DOWN ON THE FARM Maria Muldaur  THE WORK SONG Phil Cook  GONE Rolling Stones  SWEET VIRGINIA John Mellencamp  SUGAR HILL MOUNTAIN John Mooney  … Read More

Wherein The Author Comes Out Of The Closet

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(This Week’s B-Metro Column) This column, its 87-song Playlist, and easily 12 hours of listening time over past few weeks—were directly inspired by a brief clip from the new Will Ferrell / Mark Wahlberg buddy-cop movie. The team receives radio orders to Bust A Perp. And not just any Perp. The big one. So for … Read More

Introducing The New Woman In My Life

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(FROM MY 8.10.10 B-METRO COLUMN) I have a Word file entitled “keepers”—where I’ve ranked my favorite records, by year, dating back to 1980. Aside from being critical to maintaining Geek Cred, it’s a handy reference tool I use before making over-the-top claims like this one: Stephanie Finch’s debut album, Cry Tomorrow, is my favorite pop … Read More

Fletcher Hare: YouTube Star

May 4, 2010By FrancisCULTURE, Music, People, THE AGENCY, Uncategorized

(He’s in the middle, wearing the Parliament T-Shirt) Fletcher signed-up for Rock Band as his elective this Spring—and the band had its public debut in Birmingham’s world-famous Spencer Center last night. Click here for a sonic blast of primal rock at its absolute rawest. (Warning: May be disturbing to pets and small children).

Wilco revisited. (I owe Jeff Tweedy an apology.)

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(THIS WEEK’S SOUNDLINKS COLUMN) A NOTE OF INTRODUCTION: I recently discovered, much to my surprise, that not everyone on earth has heard of Wilco, so here’s my two cents’ worth: Not since the Beatles’ mid to late period—from Rubber Soul to The White Album—has any band in pop music successfully jumped across as many genres … Read More

My B-Metro column on Lady Gaga.

April 16, 2010By FrancisCULTURE, Music, Uncategorized

(Ms. Gaga. With And Without Makeup.) I have adored, without shame or apology, some genuinely pathetic popular music in my day. Gilbert O’Sullivan’s “Alone Again Naturally”, for instance. Closer to this millennium, I consider Hanson’s “Mmmbop” to be a brilliant piece of pop record-making—even if they did lift the hook, note for note, from the … Read More