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From time to time, people still ask us why we don’t do CD mixes any more. Mainly because hardly anybody listens to CDs any more. Which is why we’re gradually converting our most popular mixes into files you can stream or download. Click Here to see how you can play these mixes on Spotify — … Read More

OLDIES (mostly)

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The Power Of Cheese (32 AM Radio classics from the early & mid 60s.) Don’t Touch Me There (Soulful folk meets schmaltzy 70’s.) Don’t Touch Me There, Vol. 2 (The 1970’s: from the sublime to the appalling.)        


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Concrete Jungle Boogie (Beat-heavy music from all over the globe.) Dreadful Sounds (Roots reggae. Mostly.) Twirl & Skank (Reggae / Hippie music mashup.) Time Warped! (Beat-centric music, mostly from the early–80’s.) Rhythm Air Guitar (Light-ish, Rhythmic-ish, Jam-my.)        


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Girls Girls Girls (It started-out as a Girl Group thing, but somewhere it just went off the rails.) City At Night (Spooky, funky, occasionally synthy. Downtown After Dark driving music. Inspired by the Beck tune “Scarecrow” — which sounds a lot like the Doors’ “LA Woman,” which includes the lyric, “City at night.” Now you know.) … Read More

Ice Cream Social 2

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Music from, perhaps, the bandstand of a 1920’s seaside resort. Or a Downton Abbey lawn party.   CLICK HERE to Play OR Download the audio file AND the playlist. Click Here for links to all our online mixes.


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Ice Cream Social (Music from, perhaps, the bandstand of a 1920’s seaside resort. Or a Downton Abbey lawn party.) Ice Cream Social 2 (The delightfully insouciant sequel)        


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Tsunami Lounge (The original, and still arguably the best, in the 7-part series — which all started with Andy Williams’ “Music To Watch Girls By.”) Nehru Beach (The sequel to Tsunami Lounge. California surf-cool with a dash of Swinging London.) Slinky Pop (with a twist) (The epic final chapter, #7, in the Tsunami Lounge series — this one built around … Read More