Dear World Cup: It’s not you. It’s me.

July 13, 2010By FrancisCULTURE, Sports, Uncategorized

Despite the best efforts of my 13-year-old son, a monthly subscriber to Soccer America and a devoted fan of English League Football, I’m suffering from a serious interest deficit in this year’s World Cup. And the sad truth is, the American in me is winning-out over my own best efforts to maintain the same level … Read More

Apple: The New Beatles?

July 8, 2010By FrancisCULTURE, Miscellaneous, Uncategorized

June 18, 2010: After months of intense speculation, adoring fans across America are queued-up (some since the night before) to be among the first to own the latest release from Apple. It’s a scenario not uncommon to my generation’s once-upon-a-time frenzy to procure tickets to a Beatles concert. And in many ways, Apple today has … Read More