Owner’s Association Rebranding Continued.

May 15, 2012By FrancisBUSINESS, Communications, THE AGENCY, Uncategorized, Work

In October, we published This Post about the work we did in supporting The Owner’s Association‘s 2011 rebranding initiative. Not long ago we completed their first post-rebranding collateral piece—and it might just be my personal favorite of the entire campaign to date. It’s a brochure targeting  potential Allied Members (typically vendors serving the hospitality industry). Click … Read More

Baggett’s Fifth Ad: Personal Experience Meets Market Research.

January 1, 2012By FrancisBUSINESS, Communications, THE AGENCY, Trucking, Uncategorized, Work

I recently met Mark Cubine, the marketing director at McLeod Software—who has conducted research indicating that one of the four most common questions truck drivers have about prospective employers these days is, “Are you a healthy, successful company?” Which makes perfect sense, after a rash of company collapses left hundreds (if not thousands) of drivers … Read More

Equal Parts Elvis And Colonel Tom.

November 3, 2011By FrancisArticles, brand marketing, BUSINESS, Communications, CULTURE, FUN, Miscellaneous, Rants, Tech

REMEMBERING TECH’S COOLEST CONTROL FREAK. It’s six days after Steve Jobs’ death, and I interrupted my work flow this morning to click on a melodramatic story headline about the biological father he never knew. Needless to say, I can’t ever remember being so endlessly fascinated by a company CEO—which is why, at the 11th hour … Read More

Rebranding Premiere Wows Audiences Worldwide!

October 31, 2011By FrancisBUSINESS, Communications, Neat Ideas, THE AGENCY, Uncategorized, Work

(Yeah, that’s Ellen. We go way back.) Monday, October 24, the IHG Owners Association (an organization representing IHG Hotel Franchisees worldwide, formerly known as IAHI, The Owners’ Association) premiered its new brand platform during the IHG Americas Conference in Las Vegas—culminating a re-branding process we began with them just over a year ago. And yes, … Read More

Our Latest Project.

September 29, 2011By FrancisBUSINESS, Communications, THE AGENCY, Uncategorized, Work

A simple (but effective!) sales piece for one of the internet’s genuine success stories. Last year, while working with our good friends Zane Tarence and Frank Dixon on an electronic sales presentation for LakeHomes.com, we had the great pleasure of meeting Shane Pike. A former Director of Online Marketing & Business Development at CareerBuilder.com, Shane … Read More

Sears Goes Zombie. And Other Halloween Treats.

October 28, 2010By FrancisBUSINESS, Communications, Uncategorized

In case you haven’t heard about it yet, Sears has unveiled a fairly gruesome Zombie website for Halloween. It seems to have generated a good amount of blog and media coverage—including CNN International—and it’s supported by the Twitter persona Mr. S.H. Zombie, who, at last count, had 789 followers. (Strangely enough, though, there’s no official … Read More