With our first ad, we let one of Baggett’s driver teams tell the company’s unique story. With our second ad, we decided to focus on a dispatcher.

After all, dispatchers are a company’s primary point of contact with drivers. What better way to highlight the kind of company Baggett is to work with, right?

During our interview with Scott Wheeler (the guy in charge of dispatch operations), he said something about co-worker Ed Carrier that really stuck with us. Namely that, on slow days, Ed’s been known to talk about hunting for up to half an hour with a driver. And with Scott’s blessing, no less.

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TAKING THE MESSAGE ONLINE: We also created a page on Baggett’s website that tells “the rest of the story” of the company’s driver-focused operating philosophy.  Click Here to see that page.

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(NOTE: Special thanks to Liesa Cole and Tony Rodio for the most-awesome ad-image ever.)