Put That Kid In Timeout. Permanently.

February 2, 2010By FrancisBUSINESS, Communications, Uncategorized

(Original post, 2.2.10 — Tuesday before the Super Bowl) If you haven’t seen the latest e-Trade ad, they’ve replaced the sweet-but-worldly-wise baby (who’s loved, at latest count, by everyone who’s ever seen him) with an insufferable, sarcasm-spouting smartass. And while I’m not privy to e-Trade’s research (which would have to indicate that this change of … Read More

How Are You Taking Advantage Of The Economic Slowdown?

January 12, 2010By FrancisBUSINESS, Communications, Uncategorized

If you’ve been around the proverbial block before, you know the economy’s bound to get rolling again. Eventually. So what are you doing, in the meantime, to position your company for long-term growth? Here at the international corporate headquarters of Hare Communications, we’re revamping our brand. Starting with a new core messaging strategy. One that’s … Read More

What’s Your Brand Got To Do With Recruiting?

January 4, 2010By FrancisBUSINESS, Communications, Trucking, Uncategorized

Everything. (This column was written for Randall-Reilly‘s January, 2011  e-newsletter) Having served my first truck-firm client in the early 1990’s, I’m often surprised by how much companies will invest in their recruitment advertising budget, without first investing in clearly defining their core branding strategy. With the likelihood of CSA 2010’s cumulative point system forcing a … Read More