I recently met Mark Cubine, the marketing director at McLeod Software—who has conducted research indicating that one of the four most common questions truck drivers have about prospective employers these days is, “Are you a healthy, successful company?” Which makes perfect sense, after a rash of company collapses left hundreds (if not thousands) of drivers out of work.

Shortly thereafter, Baggett asked us to develop an ad featuring a solo driver (in this instance, Johnie Mantlo).

Where this story gets really interesting is that, during my interview with Johnie, his comments touched-on the question above—and two more of the Top Four in McLeod’s research: 1) “Are you going to help me stay CSA Compliant?” and 2) “Are you committed to maintaining legal dispatch policies?”

We then added our own spin to the creative, based on our own research—which indicates that, lately, independent truckers have been having a terrible time getting financing from bankers (who have never been particularly popular among truckers anyhow).

CLICK HERE to see the ad.

(Special thanks to Randall Reilly rep James Hudson—who managed to snap a pretty good shot of Johnie during the Great American Truck show in Dallas).

CLICK HERE to see our fourth ad for Baggett.