Hare goes International (again) with new ad for JMF

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Our good friend Bobby Bragg at JamisonMoneyFarmer (a great CPA firm headquartered in Tuscaloosa) recently called to ask if we’d be interested in helping them upgrade their creative messaging campaign in Business Alabama Magazine. We were. Naturally, we started with the first obvious question: “What would you like to promote?” Bobby wasn’t entirely sure. After … Read More

Vote Clifford “Big Don” Twilley Radio Spot.

By FrancisFUN

Special thanks to my buddy Jim Allen for sending me the radio spot below from this year’s election. Up in Decatur, says Jim, Big Don is a legend. Based on that radio spot, I can see why! Anyhow, I saw the photo above online the other day, and for some reason it just tickled me. Seeing those … Read More

Hare goes International with new ad for Kleysen

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In early June, one of my Talking Truckers blog posts earned a Like from Howard Sired, Recruiting Director for the Winnipeg-based trucking company Kleysen. Naturally, I shot him a quick email thanking him for the Like. After a few exchanged messages and a couple of in-depth conversations, Howard hired us to develop an ad for … Read More

Our White Paper for Hygia

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Hygia sterilizes and re-processes low-cost items used in hospitals which were once routinely thrown-away after a single use. They’re unique in the industry, in their exclusive focus on those low-cost items, which they’ve branded as Essential Clinical Commodities. The white paper we developed for them serves as a semi-unbiased Buyer’s Guide for hospitals considering which … Read More

Latest Baggett Project A Real Blast

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Since 1928, the fine folks at Baggett Transportation have been hauling just about every kind of military freight imaginable. With the war efforts overseas gradually ramping down, Baggett’s exploring new opportunities in the private sector. After all, there are plenty of companies with extremely high standards for the carriers they’ll use; companies with cargo requiring … Read More