In early June, one of my Talking Truckers blog posts earned a Like from Howard Sired, Recruiting Director for the Winnipeg-based trucking company Kleysen. Naturally, I shot him a quick email thanking him for the Like. After a few exchanged messages and a couple of in-depth conversations, Howard hired us to develop an ad for his fine organization.

In conducting our background research, we learned from Kleysen recruiter Kim Vosper that their department places a high priority on being completely honest with driver prospects (which is not as common as you might think).

At the same time, Kleysen’s drivers haul Flatbed and Bulk freight—both of which are a good bit more labor-intensive than the average truck driving job. Which naturally led to the question: “Are you equally honest about the fact that your freight means hard work?” Indeed, Kim responded, they are.

Which led to the following question: “When prospective drivers want to talk to current Kleysen drivers (to confirm that what the recruiter’s telling them is the truth), can they?” Once again, Kim responded in the affirmative. In fact, she already routinely refers prospects to current Kleysen drivers.

All of which led to the ad below. We think it’s going to do gangbusters for our great new friends from the Great White North!

CLICK HERE to see the ad.