We’d like to think so.

A police officer for nearly 15 years, Chad Barnett was working full-time in the recruiting department of a Tuscaloosa-based trucking company when we met him. And (oh by the way) also attending night classes at the Birmingham School of Law — where he earned a perfect 4.0 GPA that semester.

Needless to say, lack of work ethic isn’t among Chad’s shortcomings. Nor is lack of a well-defined vision about a lawyer’s professional responsibility to his clients.

During the past three decades, we’ve worked with more than two dozen law firms — and conducted exploratory interviews with countless individual attorneys. With respect to all the legal clients we’ve been lucky to serve over the years, we’ve never worked with anyone who presented a more compelling case for why prospective clients should hire him — or her. Over the course of a single hourlong conversation, Chad practically dictated all the copy that appears on his website’s six Practice Area pages.

Oh sure, we’ll take credit for asking the right questions, the right way, to get him rolling. And yes, we crafted the final wording, and wrote the headlines on each page. But, apart from the brandline we developed for him, most of the core messaging “ideas” conveyed on Chad’s website are his.

If the launch of his very-first-ever Facebook post — which we wrote — is any indication (5376 at last count), Chad has a long and successful career ahead of him. And yes, we’d like to think his brand — and post-launch marketing campaign (which we’re directing) will be a big part of that success.

Click Here to see Barnett’s branding.

Click Here to read the original copy we wrote together for his website.

And finally, an idea that could be the start of something big:
We recently profiled a young entrepreneur named Jay Newman on our TechBilder’s blog. Jay’s company, Ugo, is a “virtual” convenience store that delivers a broad range of C-Store items to students at the University of Alabama. Many of whom use the service in the middle of the night, after a few too many. We pitched Jay on the idea of handing-out 500 DUI Defense cards (the size of a standard poker card) with Ugo’s deliveries — as a pilot test for advertising as a potential long-term source of additional Ugo revenue. We’d like to think it’s a great idea for Chad and Jay both!

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