Time To Get Your Career In Gear?

December 26, 2009By FrancisBUSINESS, Trucking, Uncategorized

(This column was written for Target Publications, October, 2010) Whether you’re young and mapping-out the future, or your career is at a crossroads, remember: Everyone looks up to a truck driver. How many stuffed-shirt MBA’s can say that—even after seven years of quote-unquote “Higher Education”? At the same time, it’s clear that the Information Age … Read More

It Ain’t Easy Being Green. Or Is It?

December 25, 2009By FrancisBUSINESS, Trucking, Uncategorized

(Column written for the November, 2010 issue of Randall-Reilly‘s RPM For Truckers magazine) Going Green. The term alone sounds expensive—which, in the current economic environment, probably makes it a great idea for most trucking companies to postpone. At the same time, if going green means minimizing fuel costs as much as it means reducing one’s … Read More