In late 2017, Blackjack Horticulture hired us to update the brand-messaging strategy we’d developed for them in 2010.

Our core selling message in 2010 centered around the company’s commitment to integrity in everything they do — both in the field and in business. Which is what led to their original brandline: The Right Way. Naturally.

Seven years later, Blackjack’s commitment to integrity was every bit as strong — but their message needed updating, to communicate key developments to their competitive selling advantage in the market — which you’ll find described in our Case Study below.

At the same time, they agreed to consider a redesign of their logo. The new brandline (one of my best in years, if I say so myself) was a hit. They used all the About and Services copy I wrote for their website (albeit with their own perfectly-proper grammar in the places where I used conversational English, and an SEO-friendly home-page blurb that they wrote themselves).

But they just weren’t on board with the new logo and visual branding campaign (developed by Rich Allbright) — which I absolutely love. That said, I do understand why they opted to stay with their existing logo. And after all, it is their logo — not ours!

Here’s their existing logo



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