Cleaning-out a closet New Year’s Day, we discovered a Time Capsule containing notes written by our two children (Peyton—now 19, and Fletcher—now 14) in January, 2005. The theme was “My Dream For The Future”. I must admit, I was particularly impressed by the way Fletcher’s dream complemented Peyton’s heartfelt sentiments so perfectly.


When considering my dreams for the future, many ideas come to mind that I desire to fulfill.

In the near future, I wish to succeed at John Carroll Catholic High School; academically and socially. After graduating high school, I want to attend a college that will satisfy and challenge me. I want to study interior design, because I enjoy making clothes, and designing things like my room. Hopefully, these skills will help me make a profit, because I wish to pursue a job in this business.

After seeing that I can be independent, I want to find my “soulmate,” who will love me to the fullest. I also want to have two children, a boy and a girl, who will attend Highlands school. When my children come, I want to live in Birmingham, so my family can see them grow up, and be a part of their growing.

Then, I think it would be wildly exciting to travel the world (especially Europe), and maybe retire to a small cottage in Provence, France, with my husband. After fulfilling all these things, I could look back on my life, and be truly satisfied.


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