Several weeks ago, I met Alan Lasseter—whose son plays on my son’s soccer team. I knew right off, this was a guy I was going to enjoy seeing on Saturdays.

The following Thursday he sent me an email asking for my help. Seems he’d already invested several months of his time launching a sports management business (representing athletes as their agent). He already had a good logo, courtesy of Rodney Davidson, but he just wasn’t happy with the firm he’d hired (last June) to develop his website. More importantly, he needed something he did like, that he could hand to several key prospects—written, designed and printed—as soon as humanly possible.

We met with Alan for nearly three hours the following Monday morning. By Tuesday morning, we had most of his brochure copy written. Tuesday afternoon, we did a photo shoot—highlighted by the Money Shot we got of Alan, at the absolute ideal moment, outside his office’s back door on Morris Avenue (which you’ll see on page 4 of his brochure).

By Wednesday, we had his brochure completely laid-out, and by Friday he had ten very nice digital prints (with custom envelopes) in his hands.

Click Here to see the results. And click here to visit O3’s website.

Incidentally, during our intensive Get To Know You process, we asked Alan a lot of pointed questions about how he intends to serve his clients—on the field and off. One thing’s for certain: This man has done his homework. If you know any athletes who want an agent they can literally trust with their lives, we’d certainly recommend him! | 205-441-8223.

The Neatest Project We’ve Had In A While.