We couldn’t help but notice the similarities between the new Belk logo (a vast improvement over their old one, to be sure) and the logo we developed early last summer for a new client—Hospice Partners of America.

What’s really interesting about our logo is, it shouldn’t have even happened in the first place. Granted, the primary decision makers for enlisting hospice services are women (as are most hospice nurses / caregivers)—so the final design needed a decidedly feminine look and feel. However, the butterfly—a universal hospice symbol—has become something of a cliché in the profession. Which is why we told our fine Art Director, “NO butterflies. Please.”

She developed a lot of very nice designs, but the one that stood-out above all the others was the one below. Truth is, it was just too good not to use. And with the colors we selected, we now see a couple of additional, and entirely appropriate, messages the design evokes: An autumn leaf, and what we’re calling “the eternal flame.”

So here they are, and remember: You can click on both images to see them larger.

(June, 2010)

(October, 2010)

Given how much better we like our design than the other guys’, we’re thinking maybe we should have charged more!