The perpetual challenge to producing testimonial ads for Baggett is that so few of their drivers are ever in town. That was certainly the case with Dennis and Abigail Huggins—a couple who had a story that was not only irresistible from a personal perspective, but which also perfectly matched our core brand-messaging strategy.

After our interview with them, the ad practically wrote itself. The tough part was arranging their photo shoot. Dennis and Abigail are on the road most of the time—and rarely ever in the same place for very long.

Which is why Baggett was able to give us barely two days’ lead-time to find a photographer in Austin (TX), schedule the shoot, then develop an overall image concept for our ad.

Dennis and Abigail were set to pick-up a load in Austin at 9:00 on a Tuesday morning. We’d managed to schedule our shoot the Friday before, but didn’t have our image concept finalized until late the following Monday.

The shoot took place at a truck stop just out of town, at 6:30 (yes, A.M.) Tuesday. Thanks to Melanie Grizzel (about whom we can’t say enough good things), we had a gorgeous photo in-hand by Wednesday. We finished the composite image, and multiple layouts, on Thursday—and delivered camera-ready art to the pubs on Friday.

Special credit goes to Erin for her over-the-top, ludicrously-corny idea for the “Baggett Family Photo” that Abigail and Dennis are holding. And special thanks, as always, to Baggett’s Daniel Buckhannan for doing everything he could to make sure everything came together at just the right time.

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