Two things we learned about Dunn in our research, which led to the brandline above: 1) Clients like and trust Dunn. 2) Dunn is an easygoing group of professionals who get jobs done efficiently and dependably, without a lot of drama.

Another thing we later learned: Dunn’s T-shirt (featuring the brandline we developed) became a much-coveted item at one of the local high schools. Cool.

Brand Ad #1

Brand Update Ad

Automotive Pub Ad

LinkedIn Campaign: A Literal Game-Changer

During our first 10 years working with Dunn, we ran ads in various print publications multiple times each year. After we started posting regularly to several of their rainmakers’ LinkedIn feeds, they pretty much stopped print advertising altogether.

Why? Let Brett tell the story.
One Monday in late January (after we’d been publishing posts to his news feed for 2 months), Brett Clark emailed us, “At a conference [Economic Development Association of Alabama] and am getting tons of comments about my Linkedin posts.” Late the next morning, he called and said, "I've been down there since 7, and my hands are blistered from signing autographs!"

More importantly, he's received a number of calls and inquiries from prospective clients — which is why they’ve had us publishing for them continuously since November, 2017.

Below are three of our better-performing posts (see Views generated at bottom of each). BTW: It’s worth noting that Brett had fewer than 1000 contacts when we published the first 2 posts.

Hoover SportsPlex

Southern Company

Milly James