This campaign’s strategy — and the brandline directly above — came out of the fact that, during our research, we heard one deeply heartfelt story after another attached to items purchased at Bromberg’s. From our very first meeting until the day of our presentation, we spent nearly six weeks developing the strategy — and then the first ad (which was based on a true story).

Lightning strikes - -
They loved it. “But,” somebody said, “we have a store full of cool things that aren’t jewelry. We need an ad about that.”

“OK,” we said almost immediately, “Imagine this: A young couple is moving into their very first apartment with everything they own  — including their wedding gifts. It’s the end of the day, they order Chinese, and open-up the box of gifts from Bromberg's.” They loved that idea too.

- - not once, but twice.
“BUT," someone again said, "we also want an ad reminding everyone how long we’ve been around. Since the 1800’s, remember.”

“OK fine,” we again said almost immediately, “But we’re not going to do an ad with four generations of Bromberg's men standing in front of the store. That said, we’ll bet you that, somewhere in this town, is a young girl now wearing the Bromberg's engagement ring her great-grandfather gave to her great-grandmother.”

Striking the perfect tone of touching and sentimental without going corny-overboard made that third ad arguably the toughest one we’ve ever written. And they really loved that one.

Finally, our apologies
These ads were originally produced in 1999, and PDF printing technology was not what it is today. Sorry for the crummy image quality.

Engagement - Her Version

Engagement - His Version

New Apartment - Her Version

New Apartment - His Version


Logo - The Watch Store (2014)