Lane Parke is the redevelopment of Mountain Brook’s Western Supermarket “strip,” which opened in 2016. When the fine folks at Evson, Inc. asked us to manage Lane Parke’s marketing & PR, our first recommendation was a rebrand. Why?

There was a problem with its original branding
It was a message of reassurance to Mountain Brook that nothing would ever change about the old Mountain Brook that old Mountain Brook liked just the way it was. Well, things did change, and that passive message and brand was hardly something that would excite shoppers & diners about Lane Parke.

The messages & image we needed to convey
Lane Parke is unique, prestigious, even a little hip.
  >>It's friendly. And family friendly.
  >>It's highly service-oriented — a place where every shopping experience is an experience.
  >>It's developing into a place that supplies all your daily needs.

Click the video to see the logo + brandline makeover. (More work samples below video)



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Pitch Deck (to prospective tenants)

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Portico Magazine Article

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Influencer Campaign Video

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"We’ve been with Lane Parke since the day it opened, but it wasn’t until Hare Communications came on board that this felt like a real center with genuine worth. Thank you for everything you did for us!"

—Bezshan Dolatabi, B-Prince